My Experience

Integrating business Management Software into any current business system:

Jane Ethaniel is an experienced Speaker, Copywriter, Management Consultant, Content Marketing Strategist, and Journalist. She writes and talks aboutmanagement, social media & improving business operations with Business Management Software. She holds 2 Bachelor of Science degrees in IT Management and Project Management.

She directs and develops strategies on how to integrate Business Management Software into established companies.Integrating business Management Software into any current business system can be a daunting task but Jane’s role as a Management Consultant is to help her clients make the transition process seamless.

For business activities directed toward the customers, Jane helps to train, educate and instruct businesses on social relative skills. She also speaks on digital marketing, branding and social media at events around the world and frequently gives social media lectures online, on radio, and print media organizations about these topics.

She also works with her clients to create a stronger presence on social media platforms, increase sales and profit; create better brand awareness and we also work hard to improve our client’s connectivity with their various target audiences.